Renting & Buying

How do I make a booking?

Click on the item you want to rent and check the calendar to see if its available when you want it! If it’s available simply select the dates that you need it (minimum 7 day booking). We recommend getting in touch with the Renter before making a request, that way you can confirm payment, bond, meet-up and cleaning options.

I've made a request, now what?

Wait for the Renter to confirm your booking! Send the renter a reminder message if it's urgent.

How do I cancel a booking?

If you wish to cancel a booking you must contact the Renter of the item and ask them to cancel the booking. It is up to the Renter to refund in full or a partial refund.

Do I have to Dry Clean the dress?

Dry Cleaning is either 'Included' or 'Not Included' in the listing price. If it's not included, it's up to you to Dry Clean or just wash the item.

What if I stain or accidently damage the item?

Hey, accidents happen! Especially on nights out. However, as in our T&C's, the Rentee is responsible for the Item during the rental period. So, you the Rentee shall bear all cleaning, repair or replacement costs. If things go south, the Renter does have the ability to take your bond so they can fix or replace the item!

How do I contact the owner?

  1. Go to 'Bookings'
  2. Click on their name
  3. Hit 'Message'
Or Find their profile and send them a message!

Is there a service charge to use the Girls Trade Marketplace

We dont charge you to upload an item but when you sell or rented out an item the seller is charged 7% brokerage fee, and the buyer/ renter is charged a 1.7% transaction fee.

When do I return the item?

On or before the 'return date'. In fact, try to organise the time, place or postage plans prior to picking-up/receiving the item!
After you return the item, the Renter will mark it as 'Returned' and you'll be able to 'Rate' each other out of 5 stars. It is extremely important to rate other users for future transactions!

Am I covered by buyer protection?

Our payment system Stripe call this charge back and yes, you're covered! Girls Trade or Stripe do not cover purchases made outside the app, in person transactions or non-material goods. Private sellers are not required by law to offer refunds, so we recommend checking in with sellers before buying from them to understanding their return policies.

My booking or purchase won't go through

Double check with the provider to see if they have uploaded photo identification on their account. Our payment system will block any purchases if the provider hasn't uploaded or deleted their identification off their account. This is to stop any fraudulent or illegal activity.

Renters & Sellers

What should I list on the Marketplace?

Anything in your wardrobe! For renting we recommend designer dresses, suits, bridal wear, maternity, costumes, even accessories.

How much do I rent the item for?

The going rate, is around 30% of the RRP. Remember the cheaper the listing the more attention it’s going to get!

I have a Booking Request, what do I do now?

You must either, Accept or Decline the Rentee’s booking request within 2 day (48 hours) from when the request is made. If you want to contact the Renter before making a decision, simply send them a message! To save any confusion, it's important to confirm the following:

  • Price for the Rental;
  • Payment terms;
  • Time when the Item shall be picked-up and returned;
  • Pick up and return location;
  • Cleaning instructions;
  • Bond arrangements;
  • Any other Rental terms.
  • Who arranges Postage or Pick-up?

Who takes care of the Dry Cleaning?

That's totally your decision as the renter. Simply list your preference on your listing.

Who arranges Postage or Pick-up?

It is important you talk to the Renter or buyer and exchange details as well as Postage/Pick-up plans and Payment.

What do I do if the Borrower stains or damages my item?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. However, as in our T&C's, the Borrower is responsible for the Item during the rental period. So, the Borrower shall bear all cleaning, repair or replacement costs. Therefore some Renters charge a bond.

How do I get more Rentals & Sales?

Our top performing Renters and Sellers use better quality photos. If you have a beautiful photo of you wearing the item, we recommend using that as the main photo! Linking you Instagram is also a great way to boost Rentals and Sales, other members will want to make sure you’re a real person!

When Doing Meet-ups

Check the item thoroughly and don’t hesitate to say something if there’s an issue with the Item! Always meet in a public place – Girls Trade Marketplace is a safe community, but always remember that meeting up with someone for the first time is akin to meeting a stranger, so be safe and bring a friend or family member with you if possible!

Can I edit a listing after it's posted?

Absolutely! Follow these steps:

  1. Go to “My Listings”.
  2. Click on the item you want to 'Edit'
  3. Click the three dots above the Listing.
  4. Click “Edit Listing”.

Should I 'Rate' the Borrower after the item is returned?

Yes! Rating is so important for keeping Girls Trade Marketplace safe.

Is photo identification necessary?

Absolutely YES!

We block any payments or booking requests to your account if you haven't uploaded any ID. We want to make sure the community is safe on the Girls Trade community so upload those ID's! Once uploaded your account will be able to recieve payments after a few hours.

My Account

How do I set up my Girls Trade account?

Upon launching the Girls Trade app for the first time, you will be prompted to either sign up or login with Facebook, or your email address. You can create your Girls Trade account by tapping either of these options.

Why is my account suspended?

If you've tried logging into Girls Trade and it keeps showing you an error, it is likely that your account has been suspended or blocked. The main reason why your account has been suspended is because you have violated our Terms of Use. Please email support@girlstrade.com.au if this has happened to you and you need more information.


What happens to my bond?

If the Renter uses a bond as security during the rental transaction and the item is returned in the same or better condition, the full amount will be refunded by Stripe (Girls Trade payment system). However, if the item is not returned in the same condition, the bond may be used to repair or replace the item.