• Asha

10 big trends in 2021 you do not want to miss!

Fashion is ever evolving, however 2021 will be the time that fashion trends you thought you’d never see again is trending all over social media.

(Insert Saweetie quote : Right now I’m wearing everything expensive, everything exclusive, and everything ICY. I don’t wanna say too much cuz idon’t want nobody buying”)

1. Shoulder bags and mini bags

I’m sure you are already familiar with this one. Shoulder bags were first a trend in the 90s, most famously worn by style icon Paris Hilton. Shoulder bags are retailing everywhere at the moment, you can even thrift or buy some second hand via Girls trade. Most high-end brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci have quickly gone and brought back some of their newly furbished 90s inspired shoulder bags. Mini bags as well are a trend not to be missed, it can turn any plain boring outfit into something hot and insta-worthy!

Get the look:

PETA + JAIN ($59.95)

2. Patterns & animal prints