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10 big trends in 2021 you do not want to miss!

Fashion is ever evolving, however 2021 will be the time that fashion trends you thought you’d never see again is trending all over social media.

(Insert Saweetie quote : Right now I’m wearing everything expensive, everything exclusive, and everything ICY. I don’t wanna say too much cuz idon’t want nobody buying”)

1. Shoulder bags and mini bags

I’m sure you are already familiar with this one. Shoulder bags were first a trend in the 90s, most famously worn by style icon Paris Hilton. Shoulder bags are retailing everywhere at the moment, you can even thrift or buy some second hand via Girls trade. Most high-end brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci have quickly gone and brought back some of their newly furbished 90s inspired shoulder bags. Mini bags as well are a trend not to be missed, it can turn any plain boring outfit into something hot and insta-worthy!

Get the look:

PETA + JAIN ($59.95)

2. Patterns & animal prints

Zebra print, cow print and even collage printsare in. The most outrageous and unusual patterns will have people in awe of your style choice. These colours and patterns may be quite out-there, however, you will not be the only one wearing these out-going pieces. You will have seen celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner rocking the animal print.

Get the look: I.AM.GIA Kiki pant($100)

3. Strings

I am truly sorry if you’re someone who does not want any strings attached but I guarantee you won’t want to miss this one! You will see this feature on tops, pants, dresses and more.

Get the look: Princess polly skirt ($40)

4. Cut outs

Time to flaunt some skin! Don’t be scared to show off your body with clothing pieces like this. Random cut outs in dresses or shirts or even ruched holes in clothing items, it will definitely turn heads.

Get the look: Farai London Canary Dress ($137)

5. Asymmetrical

It’s all about being unique in 2021! I mean we’ve spent our lives indoors all throughout 2020, its time to shine honey! 2021 is a good year to try something new and asymmetrical is definitely the new trend you have to try. If it’s one shoulder tops or uneven jeans, you’ll have people asking where you bought these items.

Get the look: Beginning Boutique Maxi Dress ($79.99)

6. Wide legged pants

If you’re all about the figure hugging skinny jeans, sorry to disappoint you, but wide legged pants and flared jeans are back in! It’s known to be very urban street style, although when pairing these with a pair of J’s or even heels, you’ll be ahead of the game!

Get the look: Princess polly Pants ($65)

7. Corsets and bustiers

For those who love to flaunt their curve, this will suit every shape and size. Not completely the same as the corsets you might have seen on Bridgeton, the corsets and bustiers for retail these days will be way more comfortable yet still be figure-hugging.

Get the look: Sororite

8. Gender defying outfits

If it’s wearing oversized shirts and oversized mens shorts, you will still be looking as stylish as ever. You will have seen this trend on Billie Eilish and even Kylie Jenner. One item that you should try is the Grandad-style sneakers or even chunky scandals. This trend is super comfortable, us women need more comfortable clothing, because beauty should not be painful! If men can wear it then women can pull it off too, there are no limits!!

Get The Look: Nike Sneakers ($128)

9. Knitted

Maybe your Grandma was onto something… Ugly knitted sweaters are coming back in a new way. As dresses, tops, skirts, shorts etc. Might keep you warm though so don’t wear it on hot days!

Get the look: Beginning Boutique Knit Dress ($59.99)

10. Pearls and colourful jewellery

Ahh pearls … been around since the 1950’s, super sheek. Now, pearls and colourful jewellery are back in. Chunky colourful rings and a pearl necklaces may help you add a little spice to your outfit!

Get the look: mon Cher moi

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