A must read for anyone who’s struggling with staying home!

With the rona pandemic spreading, staying home is more important than ever! Remember those days when you were at work and you would wish you could sit at home all day and watch Netflix? Ahhhh those were the days… Now, staying home is super important not just for our own health and protection, but for the protection of everyone in the wider community! #stopthespread Staying home right now can be super isolating- it means no seeing our friends, or meeting up for a coffee with that cute guy from tinder, or getting our lashes or nails done! But if there are 2 important things we can take from this; 1, appreciate the little things and 2, use this as an opportunity for self discovery! Let’s deep dive into these 2 ideas real quick: Now that we can’t live life like we normally would, take the time to be grateful for how much regular life has to offer because chances are, we took everything for granted before all this rona drama from going out for brunch to watching the footy at Marvel Stadium on a Friday night. Feeling gratitude for all that the world has available to us will get us through these isolating times. Use this time at home as an opportunity to do all the fun stuff that you never had time to do before! Paint, make puzzles, binge your favourite TV show, create Tik Toks, write poetry. Reconnect with yourself and express yourself through creativity! Stay home, stay safe and stay sane gals x

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