Girls Trade Making Fashion Work For you

Updated: May 11, 2020

Consider this ……. would you rather be stressed out wearing a banging dress on the weekend you can barely afford ..…

Or would you rather have access to an unlimited wardrobe of outfits …….. where you can wear what you want ….. when you want …. and pay a fraction of the retail price?!😍

What happens when you have a wedding, birthday party and night out with the girls in the same week but you have nothing to wear?Do you wear the same thing twice? 😮Can you afford to buy 3 different dresses?😵

Girls Trade solves this problem by connecting like-minded girls to rent, buy and sell clothing in an online community.👩‍❤️‍👩

“You're able to purchase and rent clothes at anytime, especially when you're desperate. It also really great to see girls empowering girls and helping each other out” say GT member Lucy.

Girls could only join the secret Facebook group if they are invited by one of our 50,000+ members.

This means the community (which started in 2014) has been built up over time with friends, ensuring a positive and safe platform.

So what does Girls Trade Stand for you ask?....

The group aims too:

✅ Reduce the effects of the fast fashion industry

✅ Make transactions safe and secure

✅ Create an empowered female community