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You clicked on this blog because you’re probably feeling stressed out or you’re upset about something. Whatever it is, its okay to feel stressed as it is very normal, but the thing is, you shouldn’t feel stressed 24/7.

Take a phone for an example, if that phone runs out of battery you have to charge it. They don’t just run on forever, they need a break, and so do you. We need to give ourselves time to relax and look after ourselves so we can be the best person we can be.

First of all. Turn off your phone. It may be hard for you because you might do all your work from your phone or you just want to keep up with the latest news or chat to friends. Think of it like a digital detox.

A hot bath is the perfect way to kick things off, or even a hot shower. All that matters in this moment is you and sometimes we forget to take for ourselves. So forget what others might be doing or forget what tasks or big events are coming up. That’s not the priority right now. Think, how can I take care of myself today? What do I love to do most to relax?

A nice warm drink like tea or even a hot chocolate can help you de-stress. As well as some delicious warm soup, it can help your body sweat out toxins and regenerate. No wonder a bowl of soup is the go-to for people when they’re feeling sick. Take your time whilst you eat, it might sound stupid, but your body is always trying its hardest to process foods and look after itself at the same time.

Make sure to leave time for the fun stuff, whether its reading, watching tv or some physical activity. You’ll forget what you were stressed about in no time.

Did you know that the right aroma can help your physical and psychological wellbeing (AKA aroma therapy). There’s different ways to try this, for example, lighting a scented candle (a smell that makes you feel good), incense and lastly, essential oils (apply it to your wrists or in a diffuser).

Listen to some of your favourite music, music that makes you feel good and relaxed. The recommended sounds to listen to is meditation music or nature sounds, ones with no words and wont leave you feeling dull.

Everybody goes through stress and if you don’t you must be terrestrial! Everybody has some form of stress, whether it’s work, school or home, we all have stress and it can start from any point in your life. Hopefully you will be able to use this advice to combat stress rather than avoiding it.

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