How to turn your wardrobe into your very own ATM

It sounds too good to be true, hey? But truth be told, it’s actually VERY possible to profit from your every day items without even knowing it.

In this day and age, renting/selling clothes, shoes and accessories has become incredibly popular and weekly pay cheques from your own home is only a few steps away.

Here’s a few tips to catch the attention of the public:

1. Take high quality pictures

There’s nothing less flattering than a grainy, low res picture in bad lighting. Put some time in to ironing your items, modelling them or hanging them up in a flattering location and others will want to check your items out. If you have clients, make sure you ask them for pics of them wearing your clothes etc. too! That’s perfect promotional content and easier on you too!

2. Create an instagram and facebook page linked to each other

Creating a “business” on instagram works, trust us. BUT don’t forget that a lot of your content can also be linked to facebook that (shock horror), is still used by the general public.

Link your instagram to your business page on facebook and keep them both up to date. The more platforms, the merrier ;) (Just quietly…THIS INCLUDES OUR APP WHICH WE HEAVILY PROMOTE TO 56K PEOPLE AND IS THE PERFECT COMBO OF FB AND INSTA - JUST SAYING xx)

3.Post frequently

Ever heard of this son of a b***h called algorithm? Yeah, we all gotta crack it and believe us – it’s easier to crack the Da Vinci code than this mf.

Posting frequently, replying to comments and using hashtags are key to breaking the brick wall of instagram down and gaining traction. Make sure your content is interesting yet captivating enough to gage not only customers, but just general followers too!

We only want to see you ALL succeed so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need extra advice!

Good luck girls xx

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