Lockdown got you feeling down? Here's 5 things to help!

It's safe to say we have all struggled over the last 2 years being in and out of lockdown and trying to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. If you live in Melbourne, you'd know that we have officially broken the record for most locked down city in the world *queue clapping*.

With the lockdown fatigue setting in, here's 5 tips to get you through the rest of lockdown before you can go out and have a drink with the girls!

1. Get that journal out

Journaling is a really good way to keep your mental health in check. Spend 5 minutes each night before bed writing about how you're feeling and how your day went. Not only will this help you sleep better by clearing your mind, but it will give you an outlet to unleash all of your emotions!

2. The power of a good shower routine

Don't underestimate how amazing a good shower makes you feel. Get your fav face masks, body scrubs, exfoliating mits and body wash out and put them to use! Spending a little extra time in the shower making your skin glow is going to make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and that little bit better when the lockdown blues get the better of you.

3. Facetime is your best friend

Feeling alone is so common during lockdown, especially when we can't go and see our family and friends. Make a habit of checking in with them via facetime regularly. This will make you feel more connected to those you love and will brighten your day by getting in a bit of extra human interaction at a time where connection is scarce!

4. Pick up a new hobby - trust me on this one

Lockdown is a really great time to try new things that you never had time for back when life was b u s y! Whether that's gardening, knitting, painting, yoga or anything else, pick a hobby that you've always been interested in and try to spend time doing it! This will give you something to do when you feel like you've watched every single show on Netflix and will give you something new to learn that may even inspire you.

5. Less screen time

This one is probably the hardest one. When you're stuck at home with nothing else to do, it's easy to sit on your phone and scroll through Tik Tok for hours on end. But, screen time increases anxiety and can leave you feeling cloudy and overwhelmed. Try to spend less time on your laptop and more time doing other things like being out in nature or reading a good book.

We're well aware that these tips don't take away from the fact that lockdown is hard! And while we know that it's necessary to keep our community safe, most of us have found it super challenging. But these tips will give you the opportunity to try something new, relax your mind and love yourself just that little bit more.

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