Mole mapping and skin cancer

We all love a tan – I’m guilty of it. But do we really know what’s going on with our skin when we step outside?

It’s all well and good to have a little bit of SPF and slip, slop, slap, but sometimes the damage is done and we don’t even know it.

Did you know, more than 2,000 people die of skin cancer each year and 2 in 3 Aussies are diagnosed with skin cancer before they’re 70?! Scary huh?

This is why it’s SO important to get checked.

There are plenty of specialists around Melbourne (and the rest of the country) that are specifically trained for mole mapping. Here’s a few to consider organizing a check-up at:

If you’re unsure about your skin, maybe have a suspicion or even have no idea what mapping is, give the professional’s a call or a visit just to be sure!!


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