The perfect opportunity to declutter!

During the year when we all have 101 things on and we’re working and studying and going out clubbing and living our best lives, it can be hard to find time to declutter and reorganise our stuff. Now that we’re all in iso, now is the perfect time to do some spring (winter) cleaning! Take this opportunity to declutter and clean out your wardrobe.

We recommend starting by taking everythingggggg out of your cupboards and wardrobe and putting it all in a pile. Go through each piece and sort your clothes into two piles; wear and don’t wear.

Once you’ve sorted your clothes into two piles, put the ‘wear’ pile of clothes away! Think about folding smaller pieces into cupboards and hanging stuff like coats, dresses and stuff that creases easily like shirts.

Now, what to do with the ‘don’t wear’ pile? Sort it into two more piles; good condition and unsaveable.

All the clothes in the ‘unsaveable’ pile are pieces that are not in good condition. They may have tears, holes or stains that make them unwearable. Go through the stuff in the ‘unsaveable’ pile and see if there is anything that can be fixed using basic needle and thread sewing or an extra wash in the washing machine with stain remover to bring them back to life! The more stuff you can fix, the more stuff you can sell later on :)

Handy tip: All the items that can’t be fixed from the ‘unsaveable’ can be recycled! That bleach stained pair of jeans? Cut them into a pair of shorts! That blouse with a hole in it? Cut off the collar and buttons and stitch them onto your fav tee! Try to recycle the textiles and materials wherever you can to reduce waste and textile pollution! (save the trees AND the planet gals)

All the items in the ‘good condition’ pile that are wearable can be sold through the Girls Trade app! Something you’ve grown out of or don’t wear anymore could be just what another girl is looking for. Plus, this is a great way to reduce waste by recycling as well as making some extra cash!

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