As you’ve all heard by now – our country is literally on fire.

We won’t go in to a full blown, political, bullshit ordeal like you’ve all probably

been witnessing on your newsfeeds, however, we think it’s really important to

know exactly what’s happening and how YOU can go get that dress, without the

guilt of “I could’ve donated this money instead” lingering over you.

So far, since the fire season began in September 2019 (yes, the flames have been

well and truly alight for NEARLY 5 MONTHS), nearly 13 million hectares has

been wiped out across all states except the ACT. What does 13 million hectares

look like? Well ladies, it’s the size of f’n England from TOP TO BOTTOM and it’s


Alongside land mass being destroyed, devastatingly, over ½ BILLION ANIMALS &

28 PEOPLE have been killed, 1000’s homes lost and well, I don’t need to tell you

what else you’d lose if a fire swept through your community - but we are


SO, how can we all do our part?

We are SO lucky to have worked with a bunch of small/medium businesses from

the Girls Trade community in the past through giveaways and competitions.

Thanks to this, we have rounded up another lot of businesses that are selflessly

donating a portion of their earnings through their business (whether that be

renting/selling) towards the bushfires.

We are HEAVILY encouraging everyone to redirect their searches towards those

businesses to help thank these businesses with the added bonus of donating to

the bushfires. Whether it be $1 or $100, as cheesy as it sounds – every single cent

counts and I’ll say it louder for the people in the back (cc: ScoMo).

Here are the businesses onboard (Instagram’s):












Alternatively, if you don’t need an outfit but would still like to donate, we have

created a GoFundMe that you will be able to pop on and do your thing at.




Even if it’s a small donation, think about it - we are lucky enough to have a

community of 55,000 on our FB Group alone... Imagine what we could do if every

one of you even donated $1. Think about how much we could raise if you

swapped just ONE transaction at the bar on a night out, and put that towards this


Now is also the perfect time to go through all your wardrobes and pick out the

things you don’t wear anymore, pop them in a giant box and donate them to the

fire victims. Some have only the clothes they were evacuated in; some don’t even

have that after having to either jump in to lakes, the sea or burnt the items by

saving their houses/belongings/pets/other animals.

Let’s all do the best we can, this is a time where “it’s only something small”

becomes the biggest gesture you can do right now.

Much love and stay safe,

GT x

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