Top 5 Fake Tan Tips

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

There is nothing worse than a patchy tan. This is very easily avoidable by exfoliating!!

There’s many different ways to do so, but it’s very important you do it without giving yourself skin graft. Scrubbing harder DOES NOT REMOVE MORE DEAD SKIN!! Here’s my routine that works a charm…

Invest in a decent body scrub (a personal favourite is Frank Coffee Body Scrub), exfoliate on damp skin, allow to sit for at least 5 mins, rinse with lukewarm water and THEN do your hair removal.

This will also help prevent ingrown hairs and leave you feeling smoother than a baby’s butt!

2. Moisturize like your life depends on it

Post exfoliation, lather yourself in moisturizer (at least 24 hours before tanning) and allow your skin to soak in the goodness. I love anything with Aloe Vera as it has natural moisturizing factors as well as being rich in vitamins. Yum.

12 hours before tanning, rinse all moisturizer in cold water off and allow your skin to breathe before tanning. Your tan will be flawless rather than immediately doing it on open pores!

3. Clean your tanning mitt

Just like makeup brushes, tanning mitts are a great place for bacteria and product to build up. Without even thinking, we will just use and use again but it’s so important to wash! A simple baby soap will be perfect to wash and rinse, then allow to air dry before use.

4. Rinse in lukewarm water

Once you’ve done all of the above, become a contortionist and tanned every nook and cranny possible, it’s very easy to just shower normally.

Don’t do this boo. Just don’t.

A coolish 1 min shower (until the water runs clear) will be the key to keeping the level of darkness, while keeping your pores closed.

Don’t use soap, don’t scrub, don’t use anything but the H20 from the tap. Thank me later.

5. Tap, don’t rub

Thanks to having to have a somewhat cold shower, of course you’re gonna be cold. However, please try and remember that the tan is fresh so rubbing yourself down with a towel is only gonna remove it!

Like tapping motions will help maintain your glow, as will moisturizing after your shower!

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