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Girls Trade is a community of 70,000+ women who buy, sell and hire preloved fashion.

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Selling items is a straightforward process. Are you ready to bid farewell to something that's been occupying space in your wardrobe for far too long? Embrace the opportunity to list it for sale and give it a chance at a new life in someone else's collection. Whether it's a piece of clothing, a formal dress, or even an accessory, there's always someone out there who might appreciate it more than you do. By listing it for sale, not only do you free up space in your wardrobe, but you also contribute to the cycle of reuse and sustainability. It's a win-win situation – declutter your space and help someone else find a treasure they've been searching for.

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Are you hesitant to part ways with an item, yet it's simply gathering dust in your wardrobe? Why not consider renting it out and earning some extra cash for the weekend? Rental listings offer an ideal opportunity to make money on the side. You can set a rental period of 3 or 4 days and adjust the price of your listing accordingly. The interested party can either pick up the item or you can ship it to them. Upon completion of the rental period, they'll return it to you. You can discuss the details of the return process using the chat feature.

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Elevate your fashion game with GT – the ultimate marketplace for buying, selling, and renting pre-loved clothing! Connect with a vast customer base, ensuring success when selling or renting your wardrobe. Find the perfect outfit for any special event effortlessly at GT!

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GT prioritizes your safety by incorporating secure Stripe payments, guaranteeing a reliable and protected transaction process. Additionally, our commitment to a trustworthy community is reinforced through meticulous photo verification for all members, ensuring a secure and genuine marketplace experience.

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We empower your fashion discovery with a robust search engine fueled by AI, enabling you to effortlessly navigate our vast inventory. Our intuitive input fields enhance the discorability experience, allowing you to fine-tune searches and find the perfect pre-loved outfit tailored to your unique style preferences.

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Revolutionise your wardrobe guilt-free with our marketplace dedicated to pre-loved fashion. Say goodbye to fast fashion's environmental impact as you buy, sell, and rent stunning pre-loved clothing, contributing to a sustainable fashion future that embraces both style and conscience.

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