Girls Trade

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What Is Girls Trade?

Girls Trade is revolutionising the fashion space and disrupting the status quo. In the fast-paced modern world everything needs to be available on demand, fashion isn’t exempt from this. Many online stores are making it easy to shop, but that means we are stuck with too many clothes to wear, and a suffering environment as a result of fast fashion!

Girls trade is making your fashion work for you and your friends by giving you an accessible, transparent and safe platform where you can rent, sell and buy clothing.

Accessible where, when and how you want it, Girls Trade can help you find the perfect outfit for any occasion, whether it's last minute or planned in advance!

Our Goals

​Reduce the effects of the fast fashion industry.

Create an empowered female community.

Build trust in trading preloved items by make transactions secure.

Our Story

Girls Trade was started as a secret Facebook page in 2014 in Melbourne. It started as a place where just for friends to swap and share their clothing. Members only find out about the page through word of mouth and needed to be invited by a friend.

Our members now buy, rent and sell preloved clothing. We now have over 60,000+ members and growing.

As the page grew to such a large size, we decided to put more effort into making the community better. So, we devised a questionnaire to find out what our members thought of the platform, identified areas of improvement and get them to tell us what they loved!